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I think I'll preserve this for posterity.

Anke: @Herm, on a lighter note, I keep forget mentioning, yes, is somewhat based on
Anke: @Herm only I had to mix and match uniforms, because there's no way she'd wear a black one.
Herm: *Weft offers to hack a Suitov-army-uniform into something she'd want to wear*
Anke: @Herm Aren't those black and gold?
Herm: @Anke They are.
Sylvie: @Weft wants me to wear an outfit made out of golden side-piping and braid ripped off a uniform? o_O
Suitov: @Sylvie Sir @Weft is not to be questioned in matters sartorial, or so he tells me. Something wrong with black?
Sylvie: @Suitov Reserved for executioners and other people with a license to kill, more or less.
Suitov: @Sylvie & is that what you think of when you see me?
Sylvie: @Suitov No. I've gotten used to people wearing it as a matter of course. Still not something I'd wear if I had an alternative.
Suitov: @Sylvie I rather liked the idea of you seeing me as a dashing secret agent.
Sylvie: @Suitov Would be a rather silly secret agent wearing uniform on assugnment, no? ;)
Suitov: @Sylvie Especially one who had to get the aforementioned @Weft to show him how to tie a dicky bow.
Weft: @Suitov At least I only had to show you once.
Nico: @Suitov @Weft How about something like for Suitov. Would solve the "too much black" thing...
Basaltine: @Nico F**king home I can just imagine that. The women would swoon. Or 85% would. And 15% of the men. And some demons.
Suitov: @Nico Do you realise that would be very much like waltzing around @Sylvie 's homeland dressed all in black? Except tackier?
Nico: @flea_from_me @Suitov @Weft is more uniform-y and has some black...
Nico: @Suitov No. :D
Weft: @Nico @Suitov Basically this: *flourishes his Red Death cape* COWER NOW BRIEF MORTALS FOR I AM BLOODIED DEATH, RAR *blinks shyly*
Nico: @Weft Ah, so it DOES suit him. :D
Suitov: @Nico I'd be willing to compromise as far as:
Nico: @Suitov oooh, purdy. :3
Weft: @Suitov Your lordship, that's the lining. It wouldn't even be visible when worn.
Nico: @Weft Apart from the collar. ... hm, how 'bout a cape with lining like that? Opera-cloak kind of thing.
Weft: @Nico That collar's designed to be worn folded down. There'd be little or no gold visible.
Basaltine: @Nico @Weft I think what we are all skirting around is this OBVIOUSLY
Weft: @Basaltine Speak for yourself, you perverted pervert.
Nico: @Basaltine No, actually I was thinking of gold lamee hot pants.
Weft: @Nico If I could make him wear something like with them...but I think even would be difficult.
Anke: @Weft @Nico Stop making me want to design outfits!! please. I have enough to do :(
Basaltine: @Nico @Weft @Suitov If you've got the arse you should flaunt it I say
Suitov: @Basaltine @Nico @Suitov ........ *puts on his long coat (yes it's black) and strafes the lot of them with an icy stare*
Nico: *grin*

(Happened on twitter, usernames replaced with other names, since Suitov's writer has the username "Suitov"...)
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(no subject)

On the whole, temperate zone seasons are rather annoying (particularly winter), when you're stuck in them.

Spring is almost worth it, though. <3
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I'm sure someone will find that amusing...

Anke found something else on to play around with.


is a Giant Man-Eating Plant that Fears Nothing, emits Ultrasonic Screams, Hovers Eerily, and has Bulletproof Skin.

Strength: 6 Agility: 2 Intelligence: 3

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Sylvie, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Sylvie using
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Two things

First, I've been drawn. I'll refrain from commenting because it makes my author feel weird.

Second, she thinks this might be interesting... We'll see if anyone plays along.

Anybody has something they'd want to ask me? Personal, about Eodea, anything I might reasonably be able to answer. Comment here.
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Regarding Hex

(this one)

I may be getting used to magic-users from other places casting spells that strike me as so complicated they should take hours in a few moments. Slowly.

My first suspicion for a block would be something woven at a finer level than I'm examining at, but of course this magic may well work entirely differently.

If not, the idea of the spell possibly feeding off the target is fascinating. As far as I know, back home there were experiments to weave spells into artifacts that refuel from ambient energy, but the components for gathering it used up so much it wasn't worth the effort. So far.
A way to directly feed a spell from someone who cannot weave magic themselves would have great potential, I'm sure...

I'm also sure everyone involved should be glad it's Siri there rather than me; I'm afraid so much scientific curiosity can't make for a bearable bedside manner, at least in my case.